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Surgeon's Skin Secret™ Beeswax Moisturizer .78oz. Twist-up Stick - 6 Scents Available

Surgeon's Skin Secret

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Surgeon's Skin Secret™ beeswax moisturizer now available in a convenient stick applicator. Perfect for applying to those harder to reach areas such as your feet. This exclusive all-natural skin revitalization formula is good for all skin conditions. Only a minimal amount is needed to be effective. When applied morning and night it begins to heal dry, chapped, cracked, irritated skin as well as minor cuts, scrapes and burns almost overnight. This long-lasting formula puts a protective coating on your skin that seals in your body's natural moisture so you can wash your hands several times before you need to reapply.

  • Developed by a Plastic Surgeon
  • Contains 50% Beeswax
  • Helps moisturize dry skin
  • Lasts through repeated hand washings
  • Made in the USA!

Directions: To help reduce the appearance and feel of dry, chapped, irritated skin. Remove cap, twist base, apply thin layer of Surgeon's Skin Secret™ to affected area and gently massage into skin. Apply as needed.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Mineral Oil, Lanolin

Warning: Honey Almond fragrance contains NATURAL almond oil. If you are allergic or sensitive to peanuts (or nuts in general) PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING to see if you would be affected.


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  • 5
    Awesome Moisturizer!

    Posted by Jeff on Jun 1st 2020

    I used this for my elbows as we have a dry heat in our house. This works so great! Only a few days and its cleared up all the dry areas. I use it every winter with great success. I highly recommend this for elbows, heals of the feet, or any other problem area. High quality and worth it.

  • 5
    Love it more than anything

    Posted by Karen Collins on Jan 9th 2019

    I use the twist-up sticks on my hands/fingers and lips as my own personal lotion. Keeps them soft, and my knuckles no longer crack and bleed in the winter - my lips no longer have dry skin to crack/bleed and peel off. I use the small one at work, the large ones at home, never want to return to any other 'lotions'

  • 5
    Have used for 8 years

    Posted by Suzanne on Jun 26th 2018

    I wash my hands way too much during the day where they look and feel like elephant skin and sometimes crack. I put this on at night and my hands are back to hydrated in the morning. A light coat is all you need, smooth it over the skin and it warms into the skin. I switch between the lemon, vanilla , and citrus. I'm venturing out to the moisturizing lotion for my shins and elbows.

  • 5
    no cracked lips

    Posted by Karen on Dec 19th 2017

    I love this stuff, and use the small ones to gift to people, or at work for my lips. The one you sell for lips is somewhat different and not as smooth, so I prefer the original on hands and lips, and I am no longer peeling dry skin off my lips, which makes it bleed.